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Back Pain Testimonial
I have been a proponent of chiropractic care for years. I started seeing a chiropractor in college when migraine headaches started full force. In the years since, I have continued to see chiropractors as a means to help me manage the migraines. I always focused on my head hurting and paid little attention to my deteriorating back issues. By the time I was in my 50s I had a decided “lean” to the right and pretty much continuous back pain that significantly impacted my day to day life. It was painful to walk any distance and many activities I really enjoyed were no longer possible.

I was referred to Dr. Beavers by a family member but I was reluctant to change doctors as I was seeing a different chiropractor who had been treating me for several years. I did not realize until after visiting Dr. Beavers exactly how bad my back issues were. After conducting a full over-all assessment with X-rays and sitting down with me to review my status, Dr. Beavers recommended a course of treatment which would take commitment on my part. I cried after leaving the office and fully “seeing” for the first time the extent of my back issues. I was not sure I would ever stand up straight again, let alone be without pain in my day to day life. Once I began treatment and saw that Dr. Beavers was not a manual manipulation kind of doc but rather used a funny little gun-like instrument which I swore I could not feel, I really did not think much would change. I did commit however, and fully followed his plan which included daily visits for a while.

RESULTS:  I am several years down the wellness path now and I call Dr. Beavers “Dr. Miracle” and the improvement in my overall health and specifically in my back health is quite honestly, unbelievable. I stand straight now and can walk and hike without pain. The frequency of my headaches has decreased to a point that I only see Dr. Beavers on an as needed basis. I know when I need an adjustment and it makes a difference immediately. I am in such a different place now than when I started treatment, and I am grateful every day when I walk without pain. I cannot say enough about Dr. Beavers and his staff. They are awesome!

- Patti P.

Dizziness Testimonial
"For many years I experienced occasional dizziness. It would come and go. Sometimes I was able to power through it and continue to function and sometimes it was severe enough to keep me in bed for a day or two. Eventually it became an everyday problem. By noon I was so dizzy and nauseous I was spending most of the rest of the day sitting or lying. I was seriously concerned about what the quality of the rest of my life would be if I couldn’t find a solution to my problem.

My medical doctor exhausted all tests and medications and was unsuccessful in finding either a cause or a remedy. Fortunately I mentioned my chronic dizziness to a physical therapist that was treating me for some shoulder pain. The therapist told me she had another patient with the same kind of chronic problem. She said that Dr. Beavers had been able to successfully treat her dizziness. Thankfully, because of that referral and regular monthly visits to Dr. Beavers, my chronic daily symptoms are gone and any occasional reoccurrence is quickly remedied. I am forever grateful to Dr. Beavers and his expertise for restoring my quality of life."

- Colleen K.

Chiropractic Care Helps Many Symptoms
"I would like to thank Dr. Beavers and his outstanding staff for the work and service they provide. Number one, I have been both a patient and a UPS driver, delivering parcels to his office for three decades and cannot say enough great things about his practice. Before being seen by Dr. Beavers I had some reservations about chiropractic care, 16 surgeries: 5 on the right knee, 4 on the left knee, 5 surgeries on the left wrist, 1 on the left shoulder and 1 on the right shoulder. I suffered from daily headaches, stiffness in my neck and arthritis through out my body. Dr. Beavers was very patient with me, I had no idea about the benefits of chiropractic care. Thanks again Dr. Beavers and staff for your great service to better health and making me whole again."

- Howard H.

Frozen Shoulder Testimonial
"For the past 30 years, I’ve had various ailments such as frozen shoulder, nerve problems, hip alignment problem, neck stiffness, and knee and leg muscle problems.

Dr. Beavers has consistently treated all my ailments resulting in relief of any aches and pain.

Dr. Beavers’ skills, knowledge and devotion to his profession is a testament to helping other to feel and gain strength to continue to live a health and fruitful life."

- Darlene S.

Back Pain, Pinched Nerve, Hip & Joint Testimonial
"Over the years I’ve had these issues: Lower back problems, pinched nerve in neck, hip & joint problems, torn shoulder cartilage. Because of distance from home in Galt to Dr. Beavers’ office, I tried a nearby chiropractor. It didn’t help, so I came back to Dr. Beavers.

Dr. Beavers addressed these issues each time, often relating it to my back alignment. X-rays were taken. One of my legs is shorter than the other. It was solved by putting a 7mm lift in the shoe."

- Ray M.

Knee Pain Testimonial
"My knee started hurting and was affecting my jogging - turned out it was caused by my ankle which was out of line. My lower back was bothering me - turned out I didn't realize I had a small calf muscle tear which was causing me to limp slightly which threw out my back.

Dr. Beavers worked on my muscle tear and realigned my back. I refer to him as the Sherlock Holmes of chiropractors. He listens to you and then figures out why you have the pain. Quite often the area that hurts isn't what is causing the problem, but it is a result of some other issue. I have been going to Dr. Beavers for close to 20 years and highly recommend him; If you want both the cause and effect treated in a gentle but effective manner, then Dr. Beavers is the chiropractor you need."

- Tom H.

Arthritis / Neck Pain Testimonial
"Stroke survivor since 1990, acute scoliosis and arthritis in spine, cervical (neck) spinal area also in lower back.

Treatment has enabled me to move about almost normally with caution to bending too much to cause too much strain on entire spine. Mechanical stimulation realigns spine."

- Barbara T.

Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis Testimonial
"I have Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis ( DISH). It was five years of pain before I was diagnosed by a chiropractor in Redding. Five medical doctors couldn’t figure out why I was in so much back pain. The chiropractor too a series of X-rays and with a radiologist, diagnosed me with DISH. When I moved to Sacramento, my Redding chiropractor did research and found Dr. Beavers for me.

I see Dr. Beavers every other week. I cannot be manually manipulated, as that would be worse for my condition. Since starting with Dr. Beavers my condition has improved greatly, I am NOT in constant pain and am 95% better at all times! He uses his “tools” and I feel better all the time. I went from living in total misery to feeling great! He has also helped my migraines. If pain flares up, the office always fits me in so I am not suffering until my next appointment. He has truly saved me from a life of pain! And I just love Karen!"

- Judy G.

Arthritis Pain Testimonial
"When I started going to Dr. Beavers it was because I was having aches and pain which I believed was from moving boxes and having arthritis. I also hurt my shoulder which was very painful. Dr. Beavers did x-rays and then explained that I was out of joint in some places and my shoulder showed signs of swelling.

Dr. Beavers saw me 2-3 times a week for a few months and gave me exercises to do at home. I could feel myself being more active and flexible after just a few sessions. I go twice a month for maintenance now.

After 3 years with maintenance sessions I feel like a new person, when I feel sore I schedule an appointment and feel great again, Dr. Beavers keeps my body going and moving into my 60 years. I recommend Dr. Beavers to all my friends; I am proof that his methods work and his staff is excellent to work with!"

- Barbara A.

Leg Pain Testimonial
"I came to see Dr. B because of right leg pain that was shooting down my leg. My primary care doctor diagnosed it as back pain due to bulging disc and stenosis. Dr. B did a full exam and identified it as a degenerative hip.

Dr. B is great! The shooting pain down my leg is gone. Range of motion has improved. Overall pain went from a 9 to a 3. He also researched orthopedic doctors in the area who are trying to innovative procedures for degenerative joints. The office staff is friendly and great too!"

- Mary B.

Neck Pain Testimonial
"My neck did not have a cervical curve and this was causing disc to degenerate.

Now I have a cervical curve! Yippee!!"

- Claudette T.

Numbness in Hands & Low Back Pain Testimonial
"Numbness in fingers, hands and lower back pain due to 25 years in the construction industry.

With regular adjustments both of these issues are so much better!"

- David D.

Back & Neck Pain Testimonial
"Dr. Beavers has helped me with my legs, back and neck for many years throughout my work life since 2000 to present. At one point I injured my legs power walking and was on anti-inflammatory that were prescribed by my primary care physician for 3 years. Through out physical therapy and Dr. Beavers adjustments with H-Wave, I was able to recover and do normal walking again!

I no longer use heavy duty anti-inflammatory medications. I am quite mobile due to Dr. Beavers and through his weekly adjustments to keep me tuned up and through his encouragement to exercise!"

- Marlys B.

Back, Hip & Leg Pain Testimonial
"I have had a history of back, hip, and leg pain for several years. This pain has been caused by a reduction of the spaces between the vertebrae. The pinching of the nerves in my spinal column, this caused pain in my back, and the sciatic nerves in my hips and legs.

Dr. Beavers has performed adjustments to my back on a weekly basis. Additionally he x-rayed my spine and used spinal decompression to reduce the pain in my back, hips and legs. I recommend this treatment to anyone who suffers from this condition."

- Judith Y.

Neck Pain Testimonial
"I injured my neck and spine in a three car accident in Burlington, Vermont in 1978. It took me a year of constant pain and drugs before I desperately sought chiropractic care. Fortunately for me, I had a trusted friend who was a chiropractor. When I left Vermont for Boston, I traveled to New Hampshire to get treatment from someone my friend recommended. This was a four hour round trip.

I have been with Better Health Chiropractic care since 2006. The clinic is clean and professionally staffed. Dr. Beavers is extremely knowledgeable, ethical and affordable. I have been pain free, with weekly adjustments. I have returned to full mobility and can do activities without fear. I recommend this clinic to anyone having pain, injury or immobility."

- Gregory B.

Sciatica Pain Testimonial
"When I first came to Dr. Beavers 20 years ago, I had sciatica. The pain was so severe that my mother had to help me up the steps to his office.

The pain subsided after a few visits. When I was pain free, Dr. Beavers prescribed stretching exercises which I do to this day. I have continued with regular, consistent treatment, that combined with Dr. Beavers advice and knowledge has kept me pain free. I am 74 years old and in the best shape of any of my peers. I attribute this to the skill and knowledge I receive from Dr. Beavers."

- Marilyn A.

Back Pain Testimonial
"I have back problems since my forties; lower back mainly then with aging and extreme activities I developed other issues. At this point I am dealing with arthritis and a bulging disc around the cervical.

Dr. Beavers is a “Miracle Doctor”, I am under his chiropractic care for more than 20 years. He not only knows exactly where the problem is but most importantly he gives me immediate relief. His advice is sound; his care for me as a patient is genuine, his skills as a chiropractor are excellent. If you are ever in his hands you are in the best hands possible. Dr. Beavers please do not retire; we need you! You are a caring, talented professional one of the few left!"

- Katia K.

Back Pain Testimonial
"I, reluctantly, came to Dr. Beavers about 2 and a half years ago with lower back pain problems. I say reluctantly because the thought of someone “cracking” my bones in areas already sore seemed barbaric. My family never believed in seeking help for pain from anyone except M.D.s, who mostly gave pills.

My results are amazing! After just a few visits my lower back pain was minimal and none of the “bone cracking” was done. I’m convinced that by continual visits to Dr. Beavers I am able to function relatively “normal”. I’ve often told him he has healing hands. By having regular adjustments my life style is greatly improved. Doing my normal day to day activities is easy.

I have recommended Dr. Beavers to several friends who like me, are tired of continual pain. Those who have taken my advice are excited about their improvements!"

- Susan S.

Spinal Decompression Testimonial
"I had a protruding (bulging) disc that was pinching a nerve. This caused debilitating pain in my right thigh. I was flat on my back! I went through the spinal decompression treatments and by the third treatment the pain was under control. By the end, I was able to return to work and back to normal.

For qualifying injuries the spinal decompression is the best treatment available- No knives/needles!"

- Randy A.

Spinal Decompression Testimonial
"My treatment with Dr. Beavers began as the result of being a heavy equipment operator for over 20 years. Before that time, I raced motocross and received many injuries, including having a stainless steel screw put in my ankle. My occupation and love of competing have been very hard on my back. I also fell and broke my tailbone several years ago.

My back problems usually went away after several days of bed rest. This last time I hurt my back came from a sneezing attack that caught me off guard. I experienced excruciating and debilitating pain. The pain in my back caused me to put stress on my hip, which was a secondary issue. I found I couldn’t comfortably do anything and was bedridden for a week. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to go back to work when spring rolled around and realized at the age of 50, I wasn’t ready to call it quits.

I really didn’t want to deal with my healthcare provider and knew they would suggest a lot of drugs and probably surgery. I wanted to see if a chiropractor could help me. A friend of mine knew Dr. Beavers and I called for a consultation.

I barely could walk into his office and sitting upright in a chair was almost impossible without bringing tears to my eyes. He thought I would be a good candidate for spinal decompression. This treatment option appealed to me. It was convenient and less invasive than back surgery. I needed my vertebra to heal and was grateful I had another option.

The treatments were relaxing and fit easily into my daily routine. I liked the more natural approach to healing and Dr. Beavers knew exactly what to do to make me feel better.

After completing my treatments, I have now gone back to work and my daily activities. I know not to over do it, but cannot tell you how great I feel. I would recommend spinal decompression as a true alternative to going under the surgeon’s knife. It is not just the surgery itself, but the 4 or 5 month healing process."

- Dave T.

Migraines / Back Pain Testimonial
"History of migraines and cervical/ upper back pain. I work as a nurse caring for others. My work involves bending, lifting and looking down frequently which has caused pain in my back. Also in 2015, I was involved in a car accident; a truck had rear ended my car. This incident aggravated my neck and back pain.

Since I have been receiving regular adjustments by Dr. Beavers, I have noticed less occurrences of my migraines and back pain! Dr. Beavers also reminds me of the importance of proper body mechanics and posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Beavers to those in need of chiropractic care."

- Kirsten A.

Back Pain Testimonial
"I had horrible back pain and was not able to bend over; also got headaches pretty frequently. After coming to Better Health Chiropractic for 3 sessions and keeping to their recommendations, my back pain is almost completely gone and my headaches have lessened a bunch! I was recommend by a friend that has had great results from coming here many years!"

- Rebecca T.

Migraines / Neck Pain Testimonial
"I have suffered from migraines since a young age and neck pain as I got older. I have gone to multiple chiropractors and none of them have helped with my back and neck problems until I came to Dr. Beavers. After going to Dr. Beavers my amount of migraines decreased substantially; my neck and back pain eased to where I could play sports again."

- Katelyn S.

Neck Pain Testimonial
"I had a pinched nerve in the neck at the base. I had been to three other chiropractors with that condition and could find no relief. Dr. Beavers brought me to health through his work. My neck has great mobility with no pain."

- Dennis K.

Back Pain Testimonial
"Due to injuries to my lower back I sought help and was given Dr. Beavers name and number. After initial visit which included x-rays and diagnosis; it was determined that I have a degenerating disc that needed treatment on an ongoing basis.

I have been more than pleased with the overall care that Dr. Beavers has provided. The good Doctor recommended an exercise regimen that included stretching that has provided relief and to the overall regular visits to treat my lower back. I am in much better shape than when I first visited Dr. Beavers."

 - Peter C.

Car Accident Testimonial
"Since my car accident in 1997, I have been coming here to Better Health Chiropractic. The team has helped me through my accident recovery, from my hip replacement and general wear and tear. I have traveled here from Utah, Germany, and Japan just to see Dr. Beavers.

Continued improvement and improved quality of life."

 - Doug D.


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